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Marble worktpo maintenance

Marble is 100% natural material with unique colour and pattern. Worktop is made of the marble quarried from earth’s crust, cut in suitable size, edges and surface finished.

Marble worktops are only durable when regularly and properly maintained.

Marmor - Carrara, Diapoli tootevalikust
Marmor – Carrara, from Diapol’s products

Daily cleaning

For daily cleaning of marble worktop, we recommend using damp (microfiber) cloth, warm water and either neutral (pH 7), mild alkaline (pH 8-10) detergent if necessary. You should prefer cleaning products specially designed for natural stone and avoid using highly acidic or bleach containing cleaning products.

Abrasive materials can also damage marble surface, i.e. scourer or a grain of sand in the washcloth may cause micro-damage.

Preventing and removing stains

Marble is porous and absorbent and thus requires great caution and protection from dirt and liquids. Be sure to avoid spilling chemicals and corrosive substances on the surface. Also, be cautious when handling daily foodstuff such as tea and coffee, oils and acidic fruits.

In order to prevent dirt from drying and absorbing into rock, wipe the stains with paper towel, clean water or detergent as soon as possible. In case of heavy staining, use special detergents designed for cleaning marble. After using the cleaning product, we recommend to wash the worktop again with clean water and detergent. Suitable product is available at local office of Diapol or retail outlets.

Avoiding heat damage and scratches

Marble is softer and more porous than granite, and thus easily scratched. Thus, you should always use cutting boards. To avoid damaging the worktop, we recommend using trivets when placing hot cookware on marble surface.

Long-term maintenance

In order to ensure long-term use, all surfaces are processed with sealants to avoid absorption of liquids inside the rock. Based on the type of marble and frequency of use, we recommend re-treating worktops with special sealant for marble surfaces.